Setting the Standards of Tomorrow

From pre-production to production, Skyway has the capability to produce a wide variety of quality precision machined and assembled components. Within our facilities, we have the manufacturing capabilities to produce small products from a few inches up to large products over six feet in size. Skyway has over sixty raw material suppliers within our value stream around the globe to support our customers’ casting product needs. Listed below are some of our current products and materials within our existing business.

Small Components

– Flywheels
– Pulleys
– Brackets / Supports
– Thermostat Housings
– Clutch Housings
– Pressure Plates
– Turbo Bearing Housings
– Exhaust Manifolds
– Turbo Compressor Housings

Large Components

– Flywheels
– Oil Pans
– Flywheel Housings
– Turbo Adapters
– Water inlets and outlets
– Water Jacketed manifolds
– Exhaust Manifolds
– Brackets / Supports
– Turbo Compressor Housings


– Grey Iron
– Aluminum
– Ductile Iron
– High Silicon Moly
– Ni- Resist

Engine Support

Oil Pan

Flywheel Housing

Turbo Component


Air/Exhaust Elbows

Air Housing

Clutch Housing

Clutch Housing